In collaboration with NKWP we award two prizes each year:

The jury of the Els Witte Annual Prize for Political Science awards the best PhD dissertation in political science (and related disciplines). For the 2022 prize, the dissertation was defended in 2021 at a Belgian / Dutch university or elsewhere, but relates to Dutch or Belgian politics.

Nominations can be sent to Tim Mickler,, by March 1, 2022.

For the Daniël Heinsius Thesis Prize, teachers and students from the Netherlands and Belgium can propose a master thesis, assessed in the year 2021 with the mark 8 or higher (16/20).

Submissions, including the thesis itself and proof of the score obtained, can be sent to Emile Van Ommeren,

The prizes will be awarded during the Politicologenetmaal 2022.

Laureates 2020:
dr. Thomas Jacobs (Ghent University)
Melisa Muric (University of Antwerp)

Online award ceremony (starts around 1h 05min, after keynote lecture at the Virtual Politicologenetmaal 2021)

Laureates 2019:
dr. David Bokhorst (University of Amsterdam) 
Laure van Megen (Leiden University)

Laureates 2018:
dr. Koen Damhuis (European University Institute) 
Lea Smidt (Maastricht University)

Laureates 2017:
dr. Fransje Molenaar (Leiden, Clingendael)
Hayo Raaphorst (Maastricht University)

Laureates 2016:
dr. Eefje Steenvoorden (UvA, Assistant Professor Erasmus Univeristy)
Louke Huijzer (UvA)   

Laureates 2015:
dr. Ruth Dassonneville (KU Leuven, docent Université de Montréal)
dr. Paul van Hooft (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Max Weber Fellow EUI)
Amélie Godefroidt (KU Leuven)

Laureates 2014:
dr. Ann-Kristin Kölln (Twente, Associate Professor University Aarhus)
Patrice Wangen (Maastricht, European University Institute)

Laureates 2013:
dr. Wouter Veenendaal (Leiden, Assistant Professor Leiden)
dr. Matthijs Rooduijn (UvAmsterdam, Assistant Professor UvA)
Zoran Lazic (UvAmsterdam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Laureates 2012:
dr. Gijs Schumacher (VU Amsterdam, Assistant Professor University of Amsterdam)
Femke Avtalyon Bakker (Leiden)

Laureates 2011:
dr. Marlies Casier (U Gent, Visiting Professor U Gent)
Debby Vos (Universiteit Antwerpen, Rekenhof)

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