Why become a member of the VPW? The reason is quite simple: Members of the VPW receive a considerable discount on the participation fee of the annual Etmaal conference. That discount is bigger than the annual membership fee. You also receive a fixed discount for participation in the annual State of the Federation congress. Anyone who is a member of the VPW can also take a very advantageous subscription to our Politics of the Low Countries and Acta Politica journals.

If you are not yet a member of the VPW, this is the ideal moment. You save yourself (or your department or project) a lot of costs. You become a member of an association that serves the community of political scientists. Through our website, email list and Twitter we also keep you informed about our activities, about vacancies, conferences, lectures etc.

To cut red tape, you can now also become a member for three years.

Becoming a member of the VPW is very easy: click here. There is an adjusted rate for PhD students.
The statutes of the VPW can be downloaded here: click here.

The VPW also has a ‘honorary members’ category. This title is awarded to persons who have an extraordinary merit for political sciences in Belgium and Europe. The title of honorary member is a sign of recognition for the work of colleagues who have developed political science as an academic discipline.

The VPW has three honorary members:

1. prof. em. dr. Els Witte, for her pioneering work on the political history of Belgium and her commitment to interdisciplinary social-scientific research,
2. prof. em. dr. Wilfried Dewachter, for his dedication both for the political science association and for the magazine Res Publica,
3. prof. em. dr. Luc Huyse, for his commitment to the social image of political sciences, and his important role in the public debate.


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December 17, 2021:
10th edition 'Belgium: State of the Federation'