Politicologenetmaal 2020, Nijmegen 

SARS-COV2 / COVID-19 Update: 

The local organizing team and the NKPW/VPW have decided the following protocol for the Politcologenetmaal 2020:

  • Workshop chairs will continue to collect papers for the workshops. We encourage participants to continue to apply for the CfP.
  • The decision whether or not to discontinue the conference will be made on Thursday, 14 May 2020. We are monitoring the situation closely.
  • Registration period is extended until Tuesday, 26 May 2020 to enable later registration.
  • If the conference will not take place on June 11-12, 2020 we have decided to postpone the conference.
  • In case of cancellation, the conference will be held as one-day conference on Saturday, October 3, 2020. 
  • In case of postponement, registered participants have the option to participate in October 3, 2020 or receive a full refund.
  • Regarding accommodation and travel, we advise participants to book as flexibly as possible to ensure possible cancellation.

For more information: https://politicologenetmaal.eu/



Welcome to the website of the Belgian Vereniging voor Politieke Wetenschappen (Political Science Association). The VPW is the Dutch-speaking political science association of Belgium. It welcomes all people interested in political science. Belgium also has a Francophone Political Science Association (ABSP) with whom we actively collaborate.

The VPW publishes the journal Politics of the Low Countries. That is the political science review of the Low Countries. Together with the Dutch Political Science Association (NKWP) the VPW organizes yearly the Politicologenetmaal (24 hours of political science). Members of the VPW can subscribe to Politics of the Low Countries (former Res Publica) at a reduced price and can also subscribe at a lower price to Acta Politica, the journal of the NKWP. The 19th Annual Meeting will take place on June 11-12, 2020, in Nijmegen. 


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19 December 2019:
8th edition 'Belgium: State of the Federation' (Brussels)